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Additional Training Over Summer

Dear Members,

Now it is summer holidays we are in a position to offer members more swims. Members are required to let the me know before the session starts before via email or text. I will then let you know if there is space or if the sessions are appropriate.

Members are then required to complete the rate of £2 extra per hour throughout summer holidays.

Swims are available as follows;

  • Junior Squad Swimmers can come during
    • Monday 6-7
    • Wednesday 6.30-7.30
    • Sunday 4.30-5.30
  • Development 4 Swimmers can top up hours on
    • Monday 8-9
    • Wednesday 6.30-7.30
    • Friday 8.15-9.15
    • Sunday 6.30-7.30
  • Development 3 Swimmers can top up hours on
    • Monday 8-9
    • Or any other session not completing
    • Dry side sessions are also available on a Friday and Sunday
  • Senior Squad swimmers can come on
    • Monday 8-9
    • Wednesday 8.30-9.30
  • Development 1/2 swimmers can complete extra hours where not already swimming. Dry side sessions are also available on a Friday and Sunday
  • Junior otters can complete an additional session on a Wednesday 6.30-7.30 where space permits.

It is also very helpful if members could text/email the coaching team when you plan to be on holiday/miss sessions so the above can be approved.

The club offer these sessions as additional sessions not as a swap to fit existing plans scheme.

After Christmas I will send another email out detailing where spaces are available for squads for permanent hours.

Any questions as ever please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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