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Commit Swimming – Workout Planning/Tracking software

It is important that I update you all on developments that NASC have recently signed up to. NASC have just subscribed to a package known as Commit Swimming, this app allows coaches to record sets, monitor progress and track swimmers attendance.
For Coaches
This app will be utilised by the club during the times when training away from home so coaches can collaborate and share session information without the need for lugging files around or sending countless emails.
You will notice that coaches and poolside helpers will be using technology a lot more on poolside for this app to work as it completely digitalises our way of working. This use of technology is only to utilise the app and view session details for the swimmers benefits. Any videoing/recording of swimmers will not be done on poolside helpers/assistants devices but inline with our normal way of working using the iPad following ASA procedures.
A summary of the features for us as a coaching team are
  • Tracking of squads
  • Tracking of individuals
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Log Book
  • Statistics at our finger tips
  • Spot trends in training patterns
  • Easier collaboration
  • Quicker session plan writing
  • Plan sessions in advance
  • Filter sessions based on criteria
  • Communication with athletes about their training
  • Access to all information on the go without the need to carry loads of things around!

For Swimmers
One of the many benefits of this package is that swimmers can view their progress and session details online after a session and make reflective comments through a log book facility. The facility for swimmers to view sessions is available on request for development squad members only at this time, I will be rolling out to other squads later in the year. Simply email me to receive your login details.
To ensure that we are not sharing personal contact details with the company, to abide by our data protection obligation, all accounts created will be using nasc email addresses and passwords, if you wish to change to your own email address then feel free to do so but this is your decision!
Further information on the app and instructions on how to use it for swimmers is available on
Do you ever wonder how much you are swimming?
How much kick do you do at practice?
Commit’s dashboard answers these questions. View training volume by strokes, types, and intensity levels over time. Commit’s dashboard takes into account which practices you missed and the workout groups you swam in each day. Use this powerful, easy to use tool to help wrap your head around your training.
Let me know if you would like an account, Increase your mental awareness of your swim season with Commit’s apps for iOS and Android. While on the go, reflect on your recent workouts, write down your thoughts about a workout, and look over your training data to see how much you have swum this season.
It is important to note that coaches reserve the right to change sessions for individuals and groups at their discretion. Parents/Swimmers abusing their access to this level of information to either manipulate or bring the club or coaches reputation into disrepute will have their access to the facility removed instantly. NASC reserve the right to disable any account at any time.

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