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NASC on Tour 2018 – Calella Spain

Please see below information about the Calella trip that has been previously circulated to all members. Drop in/Q&A sessions are available this evening for parents and swimmers between 8.30 and 9.30 (same next week). As a result of any questions I will post them on the page dedicated to this trip so all can view

One of the biggest questions I have had so far is about the training. In addition to the final section of this email it is important I mention that training is at the usual levels of intensity that swimmers experience throughout their training week at NASC, albeit that they are doing more of it each day. The sessions themselves are planned to last around 1hour 30/40 to ensure that we have a solid amount of time utilising the starting block facilities available. If any swimmers who did not go last time wish to request to see the sort of things we will be up to whilst away I will happily talk through at one of the drop in nights.

The trip is not just about the swimming it also incorporates a week with friends, team building and alternative activities away from the pool to include (but not limited to); a trip to Barcelona, bowling, quiz night, plenty of time at the beach, regular visits into town and down time at the hotel pool.

Remember that deposits are due by the end of May. I would appreciate as many people letting me know they are coming as possible by email so I can advise others of those going to help everyone in the process (it also enables me to start to compile lane lists)

I hope as many of you who are free that week can join us as your swimming will develop whilst away and most importantly you will have an amazing experience with your friends from club.



Original Email

Thank you to those who have already started bringing deposits into the club. If you could please email me if you are coming on the trip so I can start to get organised with lane listings and training schedules that would be great. Letting me know if you are going will help me support those who are undecided based on friendship groups etc.. allowing us to have an even more successful venture.

I have been in contact with the company we use for the trip and the following revised timeline has been agreed.

  1. Deposits of £250 and Application Forms to Greg Ient by 31st May 9.30pm (All cheques made payable to Northallerton ASC)
  2. NASC to confirm booking by the middle of June with Sports Abroad
  3. Confirmation of Lanes/Chaperones required and NASC payment of deposit due by end of June with Sports Abroad
  4. Flights will be arranged following the summer holidays with NST

Upon receiving deposits swimmer and parents will be asked to sign a behaviour and training agreement to ensure that swimmers are adequately prepared and suitable for the trip which will become active from 1st June through to departure. It is worth noting as in the initial briefings that the coaching team taking swimmers abroad have the final say in suitability of any swimmer (Chaperones will also be consulted). Deposits are not refundable, after June 2018 there will be no refunds available apart from on medical grounds or exceptional circumstances of which insurance covers us.

A reminder of all details of the trip is on the below link a couple of pointers are listed below

  • 21st October – 27th October 2018 is the planned dates – if flights or the trip will be cheaper to travel a day earlier/later this will be considered
  • Airport that we depart from is yet to be decided, we will be travelling by coach from NSSFC on the morning of travel.
  • Swimmers must be in Year 7 as a minimum age by the time of travel (current Y5)
  • Additional training and support will be available leading up to the trip
    • Sunderland LC Training
    • Additional 2 hour sessions where possible (space and ability dependant)
    • Links into hub training developments
    • Meetings for parents and swimmers before travel.
  • A copy of the presentation gone through with parents is available on
  • Chaperones have been primarily agreed based on coaching requirements, if any more chaperones are needed then the committee will be consulted to the increase. We will take a minimum of 4 adults with a 1:8+1 ratio being maintained for the duration of the camp.
  • An additional ‘drop in’ hour will be available on Wednesday 10th and 17th may from 8.30-9.30pm at HLC on the viewing area for any additional questions that may need answering

Full Information

Swim Camp 2018 – Northallerton Amateur Swimming Club
This family orientated club, Northallerton ASC, is based in Northallerton, the heart of North Yorkshire and trains at Hambleton Leisure Centre. Its members enjoy both …

More information about Training
As detailed in the itinerary training will be incremental throughout the week with an active balance between training different energy systems. This is short means that sessions at the start of the week will be slightly shorter in main set duration allowing for more skill development and utilisation of starting block facilities. Swimmers will be grouped in the pool according to ability and the coaching team will provide differentiated sets where required throughout sessions.
Dryside training will be split into two groups, an ‘older’ group will access the gym facilities on site to introduce them to strength and power building appropriate with their stage of physical maturation. The ‘younger’ swimmers will spend time working on general strength and conditioning activities to enable support and stability to be obtained for optimal transferring into the pool.

Greg Ient

Head Coach

Northallerton ASC


Moors League of Swimming Clubs



Phone: 07861806637

This email and any attachments to it may be confidential and are intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed. Any views or opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Northallerton ASC. If you are not the intended recipient of this email, you must neither take any action based upon its contents, nor copy or show it to anyone. Please contact the sender if you believe you have received this email in error.

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