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Hambleton Leisure Centre Development

Hambleton District Council has committed £2.5, in order to revamp Hambleton Leisure Centre including £213k grant assistance from Sport England.

FAQ’s Phase 1

FAQ’s Phase 2

Area Dates   Information
Phase 1 Outdoor Changing Rooms 26 June – 18 August (Closure) Closure Will become Sports Hall Changing when they reopen
Sports Hall 24 July – 2 September (6 weeks) Closure
Phase 2 Sports Hall Changing Rooms 21 August – 27 October (10 weeks) Closure Will become Member’s Changing Rooms when they reopen
Reception 21 August – 1 September (2 weeks) Disruption Installation of Platform Lift
Swimming Pool
(Learn2 Swim, Schools and NASC customers)
4 September – 27 October (8 weeks) Closure Swimming Lesson and schools will use the new Sports Hall Changing for 4 weeks (previously Outdoor Changing)
Swimming Pool (General Use) 4 September – 24 November (12 weeks) Closure Essential maintenance works to poolside. To reopen for general use alongside Changing Village.
Changing Village 4 September – 24 November (12weeks) Closure
Phase 3 Existing Gym and Studio 13 November – 22 December (6 weeks) Closure To become a multi-purpose spinning studio.
*Gym Users will be unaffected by this as the new gym will be open before these works commence.

Letter sent to members

HLC Closure Letter to NASC Members

Training Map

NASC have endeavoured to ensure that all members have opportunities to continue swimming during the planned closure. We have worked closely with both HDC and local swimming clubs to provide opportunities for young people who form our membership.

A closed Facebook group has been set up for parents of NASC members to aim to assist in parents in arranging their own lifts to new training centres. NASC are not responsible for arranging lifts but due to these extenuating circumstances we have created a communication portal to assist parents.


Just a couple of notes regarding spectating whilst away from HLC at the other centres throughout September and October;


There is no spectator space on poolside, there is how ever a viewing area located near poolside that is known as the fish bowl. Parents can wait in this area whilst swimmers are on deck. No one other than authorised club and staff personnel is allowed on poolside.


There is times when we are pool sharing with the general public.Parents are requested to wait in the reception lobby during these sessions (ThursdayEvenings).

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday parents are allowed on poolside but must wear the overshoes provided or remove outdoor footwear. Due to the close proximity the club request the following;

  • Parents not to engage with coaches whilst coaching unless the coach comes over to you
  • Do not engage with the athletes whilst training, the coaches have the duty of care over swimmers during these times and are fully responsible for the swimmers.
  • Do not go over to the end of lanes/poolside to speak to swimmers as this is off putting for both coaches and swimmers
  • If there is an issue please direct it to the squad coach or head coach.
  • No phones should be used on poolside due to child protection guidelines
  • In the event of an emergency please vacate the building via the nearest marked exit – swimmers will remain with the coaching team on poolside whilst the situation is assessed.
  • As ever there is no spectating for dry side activities – this is at the swimmers request.

Failure to comply with these reasonable expectations will result in parents being removed from poolside by centre and/or club staff.


Please also note the club changing policy adopted from the ASA to safeguard all involved in the sport


  1. Be aware that parents should not be in the changing room areas while their swimmers are changing, unless the swimmer is of an age where help is required from parents or the swimmer requires additional specific assistance. This is usually 8 years of age (and under). In such circumstances the parent must be the same gender as the child, unless the facility has family changing facilities or is a “mixed changing village”.
  2. Be aware that at events where other clubs are involved in a gala/meet the facilities are likely to be open to the general public at any time during the gala/meet.
  3. The ASA do not advise adults supervise changing facilities as that places them and the children at risk of harm and allegation.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation