On this page you can view all documentation relevant to Northallerton ASC. If you wish to view any other information about the Club please email us using the contact us page.

Membership Documentation

Upon joining the Club, members are issued with the following documentation

All membership sign ups are now completed digitally in line with GDPR and COVID-19 risk assessments. Please email nasc@nasc.co.uk and a link will be set up to our secure online portal of https://membership.nasc.co.uk.

Gala Documentation

Gala documentation has to be completed specific to NASC prior to each meet; please ensure that you have completed the information correctly as per Club guidance, including ensuring all times are filled out.

Gala entry forms no longer exist. All members should us our fixtures page to enter competitions. All payments are taken via the website

Club Documentation

Northallerton ASC have many policies and procedures adopted by Swim England to ensure that we adhere to the SwimMark framework and continue to develop as a swimming club. Swimmers, Parents and other members should make themselves familiar with the documentation provided, especially the Club handbook.

Codes of Conduct

Coaching and Teaching

Policies and Procedures

Health and Safety

Swim England also offer the below guidance which NASC adopt and reference:

Welfare Documentation

To help clubs with child welfare we produce our Wavepower publication. This is Swim England’s child safeguarding policies and procedures publication.

The aim of Wavepower is to safeguard all children in line with current legislation, regulations and guidance and is for use within any Swim England affiliated organisation where children are present.

Wavepower consistently emphasises that the responsibility for child safeguarding in our sport belongs with all those involved in our sports and is not the sole responsibility of any one person at local, county or national level.

Website Documentation

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