Northallerton ASC aims to offer a consistently low price structure that encourages members to join and stay with this thriving Club.

As of the 1st January 2024 our price structure is as follows

Annual Membership
The annual membership runs from January to December in line with the Club’s financial year. It contributes to our league, and governing body subscriptions.

  • Club swimmer (1st family member) £40
  • Club swimmer (2nd family member) £30
  • Club swimmer (3rd family member) £20
  • Club swimmer (4th family member) £0

Swim England Insurance

The Club collect Swim England fees to cover Swim England CAT1/CAT2 fees (see below for which one of these applies to you), Moors affiliation fees and provide security to membership over the year.

  • Swim England Club Training (CAT1) – £15.95
  • Swim England Club Training (CAT2) – £38.30

CAT 1 – This membership is for swimming and water polo training only. Certain low-level competitions such as Moors League and Time Trials are also included. Should a swimmer wish to compete in more than the before mentioned, the CAT 2 membership should be considered.

CAT 2 – This membership covers swimming training, water polo training and all competition. It also includes insurance for foreign trips (training camp element only). If you are competing regularly or intend to do so this year, this level of membership is required before entering competitions other than league events and time trials.

Monthly Subscription

The monthly fees cover the cost of pool hire (which represents the majority of the Club’s regular expenditure), other regular expenditure and coaching for our training sessions. All fees are collected through a Direct Debit.

If fees are not paid for two consecutive months without explanation, then membership may be cancelled but the Annual Subscription Fees will remain due. The monthly payment method is for convenience of members only – the level of annual subscriptions reflect holidays/pool closures etc. and are irrespective of attendance.

Squad Monthly Cost
Otters £23.00
Junior £39.00
Development £42.00
Top Up £7.00
Age Group £48.00
Youth £52.00
Senior £42.00
Masters £38.00
Water Polo £23.00
Junior Sharks £36.00
Water Polo Top Up £7.00

Competitions Payments

NASC collect payments for competitions in line with fees requested by host clubs. All payments should be made via the relevant online booking form for accountability and auditing purposes.  Payment must be made at the time of entry.

NASC collect a levy for coaching teams on poolside, £2-£4 per gala. NASC do not collect a levy for relay teams, these are funded out of the annual subscriptions at the start of the year.