Hambleton Championships – Additional Event & Time Trials opportunity

Thank you all for what has been such a successful Hambleton (Club) championships. We are once again in the position where we can run a meet to facilitate the 400m IM on Saturday 27th November @ Bedale Leisure Centre. This will be a 1.15pm Warm Up.

On the evening we will also be offering 11yrs+ swimmers the opportunity to attain 25m personal bests at the same session. Unlike the 400m IM these events will be a time trials meet with no positionings being recorded just times (similar to level x). This is an ideal chance to chase club records 🙂

This must be completed by Friday 26th @ 9pm

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Please submit your Swim England number. If you are unsure of this please visit https://swimmingresults.org/
This event can be entered by 9yrs+ and will be part of both the Hambleton and Club Championships
These events are open to the 11yrs+ only. Swimmers should enter the 25m DASH for freestyle times. These events will have no awards and are just a time trials meet (similar to level x)
This fee is to cover club expenses, admin fees incurred through entry and coach passes for the meet.
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