NASC Championships – 400m FC

We are in a position to offer another event at the championships – 400FC. This must be entered by 9pm Friday 12th.

Competition will run from 1.45pm at Bedale Leisure Centre, Saturday 13th November.

Details are below

Hambleton Championships 2021 400FC
Please check the schedule of events and the gala conditions prior to entering the competition. Not all events below will apply to all galas. NASC will enter galas using SPORTSYS/electronic entries. All entries must be submitted and paid for using the online entry system.
Please complete the Swimmers Name
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Please submit your Swim England number. If you are unsure of this please visit
Please select the events required for this meet. Only select events available at the meet
This fee is to cover club expenses, admin fees incurred through entry and coach passes for the meet.
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