Return to Pool Documentation and Required Form Returns

Thank you all for your attendance yesterday evening at the Zoom call, if you were unable to attend please attend on Sunday following on from the dry side activities arranged.

All documentation for the club can be found on our website

In addition we require you now to complete a Health Survey form and Covid-19 and Risk Awareness Declaration form, which are now available on the membership portal and can be signed electronically.


Please follow these steps to access the forms:

  1. Visit the club membership website
  2. Login using your email address and password (you can reset this if you’ve forgotten it)
  3. You will be sent an authentication code to your email address, please add the six digit number and click verify
  4. Go to the Covid section
  5. Health Screening Survey – click Go
  6. You will see the name of your swimmer(s) – click new submission
  7. Read the survey, complete the boxes and click ‘submit screening form’
  8. The document will then be reviewed by the Covid Officer, who will contact you if they have any issues with the information that you have supplied.
  9. Once you have completed the process please sign out of the membership system.

As part of this process if you could please ensure that all contact details are up-to-date and that any email addresses are added for mailing delivery on

If you have any issues getting onto the system please try and reset your passwords yourself, and if in need of further assistance please get in touch with myself on my club email

Thank you in advance