Hambleton Championships inc. NASC Championships

NASC prepare to host the fist Hambleton Championships. There will be prizes for overall and at club level!

See the details below:

Schedule of Events

NASC Gala Entry Form

Conditions of Entry

  • NASC would host a “Hambleton Swimming Championships”. This way to promote collaboration, and levy HDC for funds to support the meet or awards.
  • £1.50 per event for entry. This is to cover; pool hire, electronic timing maintenance and transport, digital systems, officials expenses, SENER license charge etc..
  • Age groups
    • 8/UN
    • 9/10
    • 11/12
    • 13/14
    • 15/OV
  • Spectators may be limited in accordance with venue capacities, the event will be live streamed on a live results service. Additional spectator space with digital viewing will be available in the sports hall or studio. Regardless there would be no charge
  • Should take up be good, swim shop provider NESS Swimwear would be approached for event merchandise and pop up shop https://www.nessswimwear.co.uk
  • Level 4 meet with automated electronic timing.
  • Officials are already booked.
  • Overall results (like an open meet)… but also provide clubs with club level results reducing pressure on club funds to hire facilities for their own club championships. Presentation/Awards events can then be run as normal to present club level results.
  • Finals for 25m events (one final for each club and up to 4 swimmers)
  • All other events HDW
  • Why Bedale? best pool for competition in relation to
    • New blocks have been fitted
    • Pool usage is low and is easier to hire for longer periods of time
    • New electronic timing system is in place
    • Pool is already booked and paid for by NASC.
  • Share roles such as timekeeping and marshalling to support the hire costs
  • BAGCAT awards across the clubs
    • BACAT Categories
      • Best Sprint – 50m any stroke
      • Best Sprint – 100m any stroke
      • Form – 200m back, breast or fly
      • Distance – 200m Freestyle
      • Individual Medley – 100m, 200m IM
    • Can also be used to award your own ‘club champions’ this is what NASC currently do
  • Positive publicity and sustainability that this could offer with HDC support?
  • Online results
  • Full SPORTSYS entry with manual times accepted for entry
  • Upload into Swimming Rankings for use into low level competition and up to county championship level