Moors League Team Selection – Saturday 20th November 2021

Its back!!! Moors League is back on Saturday 20th November 2021 2.15pm Warm Up at Redcar Community Heart!

The coaching team are so excited to be welcoming this back to our fixture calendar! Lets make this a huge success for NASC.

To enable us to put forward a complete team, please respond to the emails which have been sent ASAP. Please respond by Wednesday 3rd November so we can begin to chase and fill spaces where required.

Forename Surname Age Group Gender
Emilia Charlton 10/UN F
Hannah Mullenheim 10/UN F
Lara Jones 10/UN F
Emily Kingdon 10/UN F
Emily Schofield 11/12 F
Maisie Morris 11/12 F
Charlotte Jackson-Bowers 11/12 F
Bea Rayfield 11/12 F
Charlotte Hinde 13/14 F
Abbie Hodgkinson 13/14 F
Alice Parker 13/14 F
Leah Owens-Monk 13/14 F
Rebecca Wilkin 15/16 F
Daisy Grainge 15/16 F
Amber Williamson 15/16 F
Lucy Watters 15/16 F
Lottie Robinson 15/16 F
Amy Parker OPEN F
Emily Wilford OPEN F
Charlie Schofield 10/UN M
Oliver Hart 10/UN M
Dylan Bowers 10/UN M
Owen Wilson 10/UN M
Fynn Mullenheim 11/12 M
Jaicob Saunders 11/12 M
Harry Read 11/12 M
Will Margrett 11/12 M
James Wilkin 13/14 M
Jacob Wharton 13/14 M
Callum Smedley 13/14 M
Harry Dambrogio 13/14 M
Jack Leggott 15/16 M
James Wyllie 15/16 M
Daniel Barron 15/16 M
Joseph Wheldon 15/16 M