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December 12, 2021


NASC will host their first time trials event of 2022. This event is hosted during training time on Sunday 9th January 2022 – as a result the event is only being charged to cover licensing costs and admin fees.

Warm up is 1pm with an expected finish time of 4pm.

This competition is licensed to level 4 for entry into Openn and County level competition (Northallerton ASC Time Trials – 4NE220317)

The purpose of this event is three-fold:

  • Allow members to set a start of year time to build on throughout the year
  • To have relevant data to inform training alongside club championship times
  • To provide members with the opportunity to qualify ahead of the county championships deadline (14th January – 11th for NASC). This does not apply to 25m all strokes /100m IM events.

As a result training will be cancelled on Sunday 9th January 2022 with the expectation that as many members attend the meet as possible. There will be no charge for spectator admission. Times will be submitted to rankings.

Swimmers should enter no more than 4 events.

# Gender Distance Stroke
1 Mixed 400m Freestyle
2 Mixed 100m IM
3 Mixed 25m Backstroke
4 Mixed 50m Breaststroke
5 Mixed 100m Butterfly
6 Mixed 25m Freestyle
7 Mixed 50m Backstroke
8 Mixed 100m Breaststroke
9 Mixed 25m Butterfly
10 Mixed 50m Freestyle
11 Mixed 100m Backstroke
12 Mixed 25m Breaststroke
13 Mixed 50m Butterfly
14 Mixed 100m Freestyle

NASC Gala Entry Form

Must be completed by 9.00am Sunday 9th January 2021



NASC is a competitive family orientated Club, this means that members are expected to be committed to develop themselves, both in terms of training and attitude and take part in fixtures and social events.

NASC welcome people to attend their training sessions for 3 trials. We ask that you register your attendance through our contact forms to ensure that a member of the coaching team is available to meet you.

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