Easter Training Alterations and Starts workshops

We have a number of training alterations coming up in relation to Easter and our PGL Winnmarleigh Trip.

  • Sunday 9th April 2022 – Club not operating due to the PGL Winnmarleigh Trip.
  • Monday 18th April 2022 – Bank Holiday Opening Hours, Centre Closed
  • Monday 2nd May 2022 – Bank Holiday Opening Hours, Centre Closed


In recompense for the PGL trip and the ongoing PSDS works the club have been successful in being able to provide the following additional swimming

  • Tuesday evenings at Bedale Leisure Centre will be extended to operate 7.30-9.00pm throughout April and May starting this coming week.
  • Additional sessions are being provided at Bedale Leisure Centre FOC for members to focus on dive starts work (otters/juniors/swim skills/Development) and advanced start/sprint techniques (Age Group/Youth/Senior).

Thank you all for your understanding! We will continue to put on additional sessions where we can!

Don’t forget our upcoming competitions being run on the 1st May and 5th June https://site.nasc.co.uk/fixtures/fixtures.asp