Moors Team Selection – Saturday 18th June 2022 @ Redcar Leisure Centre (2pm Warm Up)

Please see attached details of the gala on Saturday 18th June, 2.00pm Warm Up at Redcar Community Heart.

Tickets for parents will be available from Monday 13th June@ 8pm on the Moors Swim Squad website

To enable us to put forward a complete team, please respond to the emails which have been sent ASAP. Please respond at the latest by Sunday 12th June so we can begin to chase and fill spaces where required. After this date reserves may be called upon and you may forfeit your place. We currently in joint first place with Stokesley SC, a full team will be required to be competitive with them.

Age as of the 31st December 2022

Full details of the NASC Moors Team selection policy can be found online at:

Bell, Harlowe
McQueen, Amaya Smith, Isabelle
Jones, Lara
Halliday, Eleanor

Mullenheim, Hannah
Jones, Emily
Jackson-Bowers, Charlotte
Charlton, Emilia

Morris, Maisie
Wharton, Evie
Schofield, Emily
Hinde, Charlotte
Owens-Monk, Leah

Parker, Alice
Watters, Lucy
Hodgson, Kay
Robinson, Lottie

Parker, Amy
Hart, Maisie
Wilkin, Rebecca
Marshall, Yasmin

Whiteley, Finley
Smedley, Joshua Hinde, Thomas
Bowers, Dylan
Wilson, Owen

Schofield, Charlie
Hart, Oliver
Elsdon, Toby
Read, Harry

Dambrogio, Harry
Mullenheim, Fynn
Margerson, Alexander
Smedley, Callum

Wyllie, James
Wharton, Jacob
Wilkin, James
Stanley, Caleb

Barron, Daniel
Leggott, Jack
Wheldon, Joe
Ient, Greg