TEAM SELECTION RSVP – Moors League 9th December 2023

Moors League Series Gala 2023/24 Season
Saturday 9th Decmeber 2023 @ Redcar Leisure Centre (Borocuda to Host)
2.00pm Warm Up for 2.50pm Start
10/UN Morris, Alyssa Mackinnon, Darcy Bailey, Eva Hanson, Alexandra
11/12yrs Darling, Grace Eddon, Jasmyn Mullenheim, Hannah Charlton, Emilia
13/14yrs Morris, Maisie Jones, Emily Jackson-Bowers, Charlotte Rayfield, Beatrice
15/16yrs Hodgkinson, Abbie Poynton, Jorgina Hodgson, Kay Parker, Alice
Open Parker, Amy Watters, Lucy Wilkin, Rebecca Robinson, Lottie
10/UN Darling, Jonathan Wilson, Elliott Johnstone, Finnley Robinson, Finn
11/12yrs Bowers, Dylan Wilson, Owen Whiteley, Finley Jinks, Henry
13/14yrs Margrett, Will Saunders, Jaicob Mullenheim, Fynn Elsdon, Toby
15/16yrs Cooke, Willoughby Wilkin, James Margerson, Alexander
Open Wyllie, James Bailey, Richard Ient, Greg Hanson, Thomas
Change/Reserve Called
Cannot Attend
Please ensure that you respond ASAP to ensure that a full team can be
entered into the meet.

Deadline RSVP:

1st December 2023
after this date reserves may be called upon and you may forfeit your
Age as of the 31st December 2023
Full details of the NASC Moors Team selection policy can be found online