2024 Membership Renewal – reminder for all members

Hopefully you will have already seen recent communications sent by email and handed out at recent training sessions in respect to membership renewals for the year ahead. To the many who have already renewed, this is greatly appreciated thank you.

If you have missed this, please read on, it is crucial that you follow the steps below to renew your membership for the year ahead before the 19th of February such that we have time to register people again for the year ahead with Swim England.


Don’t delay! What to do now!

To summarise, there are now 3 things to check and action by Sunday 19th February.

  1. Fill in the membership form. This is incredibly important for the running of the club.

Click here to fill in the membership form: https://nasc.co.uk/membership-2024/

  1. On the same form, pay your annual and Swim England Fee

The membership form includes payment fields. Ensure you select payment options for the annual membership fee and the Swim England insurance (see below for more information on which one applies to you) and submit the form.

  1. Check your monthly squad fees to make sure you understand your new monthly payment. This will happen automatically.

Check monthly (squad) fees via the membership system https://membership.nasc.co.uk/ 


Membership fees for 2024

As you’ll know, the club runs on a combination of annual fees and monthly subscriptions. These figures are reviewed annually to ensure our expenses – mainly pool hire, affiliation and organisational fees – are covered and that the club stays in the black. As a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) we are not a profit making enterprise, but rather aim to cover costs and ensure that any surplus generated through a combination of fees and/or fundraising are reinvested in to the club.

Throughout 2023 we absorbed a c.7% increase in pool hire fees. Whilst we were able to absorb this through fundraising, grants and competition income… this is not a sustainable or financially responsible methodology to continue. Following our AGM held in November 2023, and a thorough assessment of our finances, it was agreed that annual fees in 2024 would remain the same as 2023 but that monthly fees will increase slightly and by the smallest amount possible.

Therefore, the fees for 2024 will be as follows:

Club Annual Membership: This is a one-off fee for all members paid in Jan/Feb and remains the same as last year:

  • First Family Member – £ 40.00
  • Second Family Member – £ 30.00
  • Third Family Member – £ 20.00
  • Fourth Family Member – £ 0.00

Swim England Insurance: This ensures all swimmers are insured to train and compete and is mandatory for all members. Again, this is a one-off fee paid at the same time as the annual membership fee. The insurance fees are set by Swim England each year. More information about which CAT each member fits into is explained below:

  • Swim England Club Training (CAT 1*) – £ 15.95
  • Swim England Club Competition (CAT 2**) – £ 38.30

*CAT 1 – This membership is for swimming training and water polo training only. Certain low-level competitions such as Moors League and Time Trials are also included. Should a swimmer wish to compete in more than the above-mentioned, the CAT 2 membership should be considered.

**CAT 2 – This membership covers swimming training, water polo training and all competitions. It also includes insurance for foreign trips (training camp element only). If you are competing regularly or intend to do so this year, this level of membership is required before entering competitions other than league events and time trials.

Members of the committee will be available at training during the first week in February to help anyone who has questions on these matters.

You should pay these fees and fill in your all-important membership details by clicking on this link.  https://nasc.co.uk/membership-2024/


Monthly Fees

As mentioned above, while monthly fees have increased slightly, it is by the smallest possible amount while ensuring the club stays sustainable. The new squad fees have been applied in the membership system and can be viewed online https://membership.nasc.co.uk/

These are automatically taken via direct debit every month. Please log into the system to view which squad your son/daughter is in. If you feel you are paying the wrong amount, please do get in touch. These fees have been applied from February 2024.

We anticipate, but are not yet able to confirm, that there will be further increases to pool hire in 2024, it was agreed at the AGM that we would notify members immediately about any changes if and when they arise.


 The importance of fundraising & the committee

Fundraising is an important part of our club’s income and helps to ensure we keep membership fees as low as possible.  The 3 open galas raised approximately £5000; we have been lucky to receive £6,350.00 from various grant sources throughout the year, with the grant funding ringfenced to capital expenditure projects (starting blocks, lane ropes, coaching qualifications, water polo caps). Without these additional income streams, fees would be considerably higher and remember it is not a guaranteed income.

As a CASC, the club does not function without the goodwill of people in providing their time, whether that be in coaching, being a part of committee in the running of the club, or in a more ad-hoc capacity helping at gala events for example. All help and input is very much welcome. There is always room for more so please if you think you can help in any way, we’d love to hear from you!

Looking ahead

Looking to our future, we must also keep a close watch on the swimmers of tomorrow as it is they who we need to take up the mantle and help maintain our successes. To that end, over the coming months we will be working with North Yorkshire Council looking to promote swimming within the Hambleton area, so if you have family or friends who think they want to take up swimming please let us know.

If anyone has any concerns or questions, please remember the committee are available to listen and respond to comments and feedback.

NASC Committee