Long-term changes to training from 3rd June

We would like to let you know about some long-term changes to training that will be introduced next month.

We’re making these changes to avoid more fee increases for members, while ensuring we continue to offer the same quality of coaching and club experience.

From w/c 3rd June we will no longer train on a Sunday. Instead, these sessions will be spread throughout the week, having secured additional time at Northallerton on a Monday.

Full details of the changes can be viewed here, providing a simple table for each squads training times moving forward.

Some members may find that training sessions have been moved to Bedale and for the time being, we have removed top up sessions, although we may be able to offer top up opportunities on request.

While we understand this will mean adjustments for some, we believe the new timetable is in fact a really positive move in ensuring the long-term viability of the club and the quality of training for all members.

Here’s why we’re making the changes.

  • A few weeks ago, we were informed by Northallerton Leisure centre that it would be increasing the price of both hourly pool hire and lifeguard costs. This increase was substantially more than had been anticipated when we discussed fees at the beginning of the year. Despite negotiating a slight decrease in these new fees, on the current schedule this would have incurred thousands of pounds worth of additional costs and would have left us in considerable deficit every month.
  • We estimated fees would need to increase by an average of £5 per month to cover the new pool hire costs. However, having increased monthly fees at the beginning of the year, the committee did not feel it fair or viable to do so again so quickly. So, we looked at where we could streamline training.
  • Moving Sunday training seemed the most sensible option as it means we save 2 hours per week in pool hire costs (£c.8500). And as well as saving money, offers several other benefits:
    • Junior otters will be provided with a stable coaching set up on a Wednesday to support their transition into the main club structures.
    • Members will be free to swim in Sunday galas without having to miss training. In the same vein, coaches will be able to support at these galas without the strain of finding others to cover the coaching sessions.
    • At the moment, galas and events mean Sunday training sometimes has to be cancelled. This will not be the case when training moves to weeknights.
    • We also hope that moving training from Sunday will free up valuable time at the weekend for both members and their families.
    • Finally, these changes mean that for the first time in a while, our costs will not exceed our income from fees, which will help ensure the long-term viability and stability of the club

What to do now.

All we ask now is that you take a look at the new timetable linked above. This is also available on the club website on the Training Calendar page for future reference. If you’re not sure what squad members swim in, this can be found by logging into your account here on the website and checking membership details.

We appreciate these changes may not suit everyone and we ask that you please do get in touch if you have any concerns. You can talk to any of the coaching team on poolside or email nasc@nasc.co.uk

Thank you for your continued support.